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Cairns Solar Panel Installations

Solar panels are an increasingly affordable and sustainable energy solution for homeowners and business owners in the Cairns area. If you're not happy with the rising costs of your electricity bill, having solar panels installed at your home or business could be an answer worth considering.

One of the huge benefits of solar panels is that you are harnessing sustainable, renewable energy from the sun. The latest models of solar panels are very efficient, which means you can run your entire home or business using the energy those panels collect during the day. You will still need to use conventional electricity for consumption once the sun has set.

Imagine having an electricity bill that is 15 to 20 per cent less than what it is now. This is the potential once you have solar panels installed. Given you can buy most of the top-rated panel models on payment plans, your up front costs will be minimal.

Often the monthly cost is still less than it was previously once you add your new electricity bill and your monthly instalment for the solar panels together. It's an even better result if you use most of your energy at home during the day or you run a business that is primarily open during the day.
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