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A roof is a lot more than a roof over your head. A solid roof installed at your house or business is the best way to ensure improved security, safety and peace of mind for the person who owns the building. Well-laid roofs can help ensure that your walls, ceiling and foundation are fully protected.

The roof of your house or commercial building is very visible, it's part of your building's public facade. A flawlessly installed roof adds its own beauty to the property. Topline Roofing can help you add that aesthetic to your home or commercial building. Our expertise in roofing stretches across more than three decades, we have served the local community impeccably for all that time.

With our help, you will have a beautiful roof that adds beauty to your home and fully protects your interior foundation. We take our jobs as roofers very seriously so we will only provide advice about roofing materials that we believe will do an excellent job for your home or business.
Roof installations — Roofing Services in Edge Hill, QLD

Roof Installations

It all starts with the first meeting. A professional from Topline Roofing will sit down with you and discuss your roofing needs. If you are building a new home or commercial space, we can ... Read more
Re-roofing — Roofing Services in Edge Hill, QLD


If a couple of decades have passed since you had your roof installed, you may be considering re-roofing so it looks and works like a brand new roof again. We can advise you on your re-... Read more
Roof repair — Roofing Services in Edge Hill, QLD

Roof Maintenance and Repairs

With the help of Topline Roofing, your residential or commercial roof will always remain in top condition. We can come to your premises once or twice a year to check on the ... Read more